Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Shout Outs to Brussels Sprouts - 25 of The Best Recipes

Shout Outs to Brussels Sprouts - 25 of The Best Recipes from www.bobbiskozykitchen.com

I absolutely  Brussels sprouts!! 

Like big ol' hearts in the eyes emoji love them!

But that wasn't always the case. Oh no!

I despised what I referred to as "The Little Green Balls of Death" 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Grandma's Oyster Stew #SundaySupper

Grandma's Oyster Stew from www.bobbiskozykitchen.com

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I am soooooo excited  it is almost Turkey Day 

I have always loved Thanksgiving. It meant that family members, that we rarely got to see, would be coming to town. We would all get together at my Grandparents house.

I remember one year my Great Grandmother came from Iowa. She was the sweetest, kindest, most loving Grandma and kid could ever have! One night she snuck into the room I was sleeping in and told me that she couldn't sleep, so she climbed into bed with me, and we proceeded to talk and giggle all night long. I still miss her so much!

Chipotle White Bean Dip

Chipotle White Bean Dip from www.bobbiskozykitchen.com

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The reality of the holidays being here is smacking me right in the face like a big ol' hammer 

How does this always happen? I am planning for the holidays, and am like "Ya, I see you over there holidays, I am totally ready for you".



It is IN YO FACE sayin' "Oh haaiii, you said you were ready?......NOT"