Saturday, May 28, 2016

19 Recipes No Picnic Basket Should Be Without

19 Recipes No Picnic Basket Should Be Without from

Everyone has their specific food they love to take on an outing or to a get together once the weather allows it. However, there are always those staple items that seem to be at every picnic and you can’t forget them or it just doesn’t feel complete. Here are a few of my favorite recipes for those staple picnic foods, plus a few new ones to love.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sheet Pan Salmon and Asparagus

Sheet Pan Salmon and Asparagus - Forget about fuss, and mess, with this quick and easy sheet pan salmon dinner. It is a healthy and delicious meal that you will have on the table in less than 30 minutes! From

Aaahhhh salmon season has officially opened here in Washington. I just spied the first Copper River salmon at the store the other day #BeStillMyHeart 

It is funny. When I first moved here from San Diego I was not a salmon fan. Actually I wasn't much of a fish eater at all. Oh, I had my occasional tilapia, but the couple of times I tried salmon left me seriously wondering what all of the hubbub was about. I just wasn't feelin' it.

But over the course of the time that I have lived here, salmon has become an obsession with me. I seriously get all giddy inside when I start seeing those gorgeous fresh caught fillets gracing the window of the butcher shop. 

Think 5 year old at Christmas, yup that's me 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

16 of the Best BBQ Sauce and Rub Recipes

16 of the Best BBQ Sauce and Rub Recipes from

Yay, let's talk about one of my favorite things in the whole wide world.......BBQ #drooling

As soon as the temps stay above 60 with no rain, we live outside, and start throwing everything on the grill. Meat, veggies, fruit, you name it. I pretty much think just about everything tastes better cooked over a fire.

Except maybe mac and cheese.

The cheese would stick, and the noodles would fall through the grates.

Ya, that would big a big mess!

BUT, most everything else is fair game!!

We all know that grilling season really kicks off on Memorial day right? Then we have Father's Day, and then we are smack in the middle of summer. So, being the awesome blogger that I am, #SoHumble I thought I would throw together a list of a few of my favorite BBQ sauces and rubs to help you get your BBQ grub on. These are MUST make people!!

So make a list, and check it twice because I ALWAYS miss ingredients, and get your grill on!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Big Pig Burger

The Big Pig Burger is an "In yo face" explosion of piggy goodness that requires a large appetite, and lots of napkins! From

You know I have mentioned that I am on a BBQ kick right? 

Ya I know, I have mentioned it a LOT. I tend to blabber, 

just ask Kevin.

"Did you hear what I just said?"


Yup, that's pretty much how it goes 

But I am just a bit obsessed, now that the weather has warmed up. 

I seem to focus in on one type of food for a while and it can get a little crazy sometimes! I can make my family want to run for the hills screaming because I am making them eat yet another version of mac and cheese! I don't understand. 

I mean how can you have too much mac and cheese? Am I right? 

OK don't leave me hanging here, tell me I am right. I need backup people!

Anyway, this current obsession errr kick has my family tickled pink. I pick up the phone and call the kids to see if they are coming over for our, what has now become a weekly thing, family dinner. The first thing I am asked is, "Are you making another burger Mom?" *sigh* they only love me for my burgers.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Blueberry and Beet Smoothie

Thick, smooth, and ultra creamy, this smoothie pairs the sweetness of blueberries with the earthiness of beets, for an out of this world healthy, and tasty, smoothie you will love! From
A big thank you to my friends at Cascadian Farm Organics for sponsoring this post. I am so in love with their products!

So I know that I haven't been around much lately, but I have had some ongoing health issues that have kept me feeling a bit under the weather for awhile.

And speaking of the weather.......UGH!! We have been getting a little glimpse of lovely summery weather, just to have the sun play hide and go seek for a week. I know, I know, I live in the Pacific Northwest, so that is a big ol' DUH right? But dang it, it can get even the hardest core Washingtonian down once in awhile. But, for the last few days, the sun has been out, I planted some tomatoes and herbs, and we even had the kids and the G-baby over for a BBQ. Where we actually sat outside