Thursday, August 25, 2016

Campfire Cone S'mores

Campfire Cone S'mores from

A big thank you to Hershey's for sponsoring this post!

Back when my kiddos were little, summer and s'mores went hand in hand. We lived in San Diego so beach bbq's, cookouts at friends, and bonfires in the backyard, went on for months. Hellooooo 80 degrees like all the time!

I think it must go back to my girl scout days, but I just can't see a fire, without wanting to make s'mores. Any kind of fire. Fire up the charcoal grill? Yup, I am making s'mores!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cantaloupe Jelly

Cantaloupe Jelly - This easy to make jelly allows you to enjoy the flavor of ripe summer cantaloupe all year long from

Friends, can we talk here? This jelly....OhhEmmGeeeee......THIS JELLY!!

It is so easy, and soooo good!

This is everything you love about slurping up mouthfuls of that salted, sweet, juicy cantaloupe, just in jelly form. You spread it on a nice warm piece of toast and are in heaven! 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

20 Marvelous Movie Munchies

24 Marvelous Movie Munchies - There is a little bit for everybody. Sweet, spicy, crunchy, chewy, all bases are covered from

Can you believe summertime is almost over 

It has gone so fast! Where does time go? I know they say that the older you get, the fast time goes, but geeeezz. If it goes any faster I will end up going back in time!! (Am I showing my age with the Back to the Future refrence?)

One of the things I used to do with my kids during the summer was movie night. We all loved it. We would plan out the munchies we were going to have, grab some drinks, a few DVDs, and pile up in the living room for a mini movie marathon.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

One Pot Chicken Caprese Pasta

This One Pot Chicken Caprese Pasta is quick, easy, and oh so delicious. Bonus - only one pot to clean! From

Friendddddddddds. This. THIS! Just may be my new fave one pot dish. I am not sure, but it is a least currently my fave #iamfickle

I know I have been slow to really get into the whole one pot, or "Wonder Pot" meals, but hey, that's how I roll.  I am always a day late, and a dollar short. 

Where the heck did that saying even come from anyway? 

Don't you ever wonder where those sayings that your parents or Grandparents used all of the time came from? One of these days I need to sit down and Google all of that shizz!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Creamy Artichoke and White Bean Dip

Creamy Artichoke and White Bean Dip - Switch up your normal hummus routine with this delicious artichoke and white bean dip. Eat it with pita chips, fresh veggies, or even on your sandwiches in place of the mayo. From

We have had the wackiest summer in Western Washington so far. Our normal gorgeous days of the mid 80's with blue skies, or even the crazy 90's we had last year, are nothing but memories. Today it is hazy gray and in the mid 60's 

I want to go to the beach and stick my toes in the sand  I want to kick back with a book in the sun  But instead I am stuck inside watching binge watching old episodes of Project Runway #dontjudge

So instead of thinking about some cool summer cocktails, or a new recipe for the grill, I want to sit in my yoga pants on the sofa and eat lots and lots of munchies.