Saturday, February 28, 2015

Spicy Sausage, White Bean, and Spinach Soup #SundaySupper

Spicy Italian sausage, creamy white beans, and all of that fresh baby spinach makes for one hearty and healthy soup. Looking for a meatless idea? Omit the sausage, use veggie stock, and add a pinch of red pepper flakes!

This week's Sunday Supper is being hosted by the wonderful Tammi from Momma's Meals, and we are celebrating all things bean. Ahh yes, beans beans they're good for your heart, the more you eat the more you.....ya that brings back memories of my childhood? Don't you love the things we found humor in? Actually, if I am completely honest, that saying still makes me giggle. I guess I am a 10 year old at heart. See, beans keep you young!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Help Me Make Bobbi's Kozy Kitchen Better For YOU!

This is my first annual Readers Survey. Yay!! You get to tell me what I can do to make Bobbi's Kozy Kitchen better for you! 

Are you a frazzled Mom trying to balance work, kids, activities, meals, and a social life? Or are you looking for ways to save a buck when it comes to feeding your family? How about someone that wants to eat healthier, but just aren't sure how to do it? Well, fret not my friends, I am here to help out! WOW that just totally made it sound like I am a super hero or something. Here I come to save the dayyyyyyy. OK, so I am not Underdog, or Batman, but I do want to help you.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bacon Wrapped Honey Mustard Pork Loin

Tender pork loin kissed with a honey mustard glaze and all wrapped up in smoky, salty bacon. It is like a birthday present for your taste buds, even if it isn't your birthday!!

OK you all know that I try my darndest to lighten up dishes whenever I can. But I was watching Food Network, which can be very dangerous, and saw a dish that had a pork loin roast, stuffed with sausage, and wrapped in bacon. Now, even though that sounded absolutely delicious, I knew that the calorie/fat count was probably astronomical. But it got me thinking about how wonderful a pork loin roast would taste wrapped in bacon. Oh, who am I kidding? Anything is wonderful wrapped in bacon. I would probably eat an old shoe if it was wrapped in enough bacon!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Italian Style Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

This Italian Style Stuffed Spaghetti Squash will have your family excited to eat healthy! From

Anyone else completely over Winter? I mean like "I am done now, please usher in some sunshine and blue skies"? Ya, if I have to deal with another week of gray, drizzly, 40 degree weather I may just lock myself in my pantry and eat every sugar laden carby food I can get my little ol' mits on!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Slow Cooker Persian Chicken

Surprise your family with this wonderful aromatic Persian Chicken tonight. They will think you slaved for hours cooking, But it is the slow cooker that does all of the work.

I know I have mentioned, many times, that Kevin is a bit uummm picky when it comes to food. He would be completely content to be a meat and potatoes (or pasta, or rice) kinda guy, with the occasional salad or veggie on the side. But lucky him, he chose to live with a food blogger and I don't do boring very well!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Copycat PF Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Copycat PF Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps - Who wants to worry about traffic, parking, and those high menu prices when you can make these fabulous chicken lettuce wraps in the comfort of your own home in under 30 minutes?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Chipotle Black Bean Dip #SundaySupper

This Chipotle Black Bean Dip is creamy, and smoky, and spicy, everything you could ever want from a bean dip minus that yucky fat that none of us need. Pair it up with baked tortilla chips for a low cal/low fat snack the whole family will love. 

February is American Heart Month. So this week the Sunday Supper family is celebrating all things heart healthy, and showing you that eating healthy tastes good! Thanks so much to Ethel of eating instead, and Lori of Foxes Love Lemons, for hosting this event!

Are you one of those people that immediately looks for the closest exit when someone mentions healthy food? It is OK to admit it, I know I was one. As soon as the conversation turned to eating healthy, my brain thought of flavorless boring food. I saw things like colorless boiled chicken, bread that tasted like cardboard, and vegetables void of any seasoning. Butter and salt banished forever from my kitchen. In other words hell, I saw hell people! 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sloppy Joe and Biscuit Casserole #McSkilletSauce #WeekdaySupper

Impress your family with a childhood meal "upgraded" with the use of a few simple ingredients. Fluffy biscuits with a smoky sweet Sloppy Joe mixture will be on the table in no time flat, and have your family singing your praise.

This month Kevin and I have been binge watching one of our favorite shows. He works nights, sleeps until early evening, and then it is hello my comfy spot on the sofa and my pay movie channel. And with 9 seasons to watch, well we have our job cut out for us. But it is fun to see who can remember what from which episode, or even to discover that there is the rare episode that neither of us remembers watching.  

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Pasta

Pasta with a creamy rich sun-dried tomato pesto sauce is the perfect weeknight comfort food. Add some Italian sausage to make it heartier, or use vegetable stock to keep it vegetarian. Either way it is a meal your whole family will love.

I have been having a hard time concentrating for the last few days. Tomorrow I am going with my son's fiance to her sonogram appointment, and we are going to find out if she is having a boy or a girl. Tell me I am not excited about that! We have all been speculating, and some people have said that I should jut wait until it is born to find out. Ppfffttttt NOT!! This Grandma wants to be able to get to shoppin' and right now! And none of this green and yellow stuff. I want pink or blue, and lots of it! Although no matter what, boy or girl, there will be tons of Seahawk gear to be bought.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Creamy Sweet Potato Mash

Plain old potatoes get boring after a while, so zip up that weekday meal with this creamy sweet potato mash. A little bit spicy, a little bit sweet, and a lot of yummy in your tummy!

Lately I am hooked, and I mean hoooooooooooooked on those reality shows on Discovery, Bravo, LMN, etc. You know what I am talking about? Oh, if I tell people that we are huge fans of Deadliest Catch, and have watched every episode of every season, nobody is going to think I am crazy. People might think it is a little strange that I watch Street Outlaws and Fast and Loud, but I grew up with street racers so loud fast cars make me all happy inside (not as much as food, but it is close). And I know that no one would think anything of me waiting patiently every week for the next episode of Top Chef right? But let's bust out the reallllllllllllllly weird ones. How about Moonshiners? Mountain Men? Alaska the Last Frontier? Life Below Zero? Alaskan Bush People (those folks are way cray!)? Am I weird? Ya, don't answer that.