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Purple Potato Puffs #SundaySupper

Purple Potato PuffsA tasty little potato bite with Parmesan cheese, Greek yogurt, and chives, all wrapped up in a cute little purple package. Perfect for your next party or get together!

Purple Potato Puffs from

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Do some foods just make you smile? Maybe it is because they are your favorites, maybe they remind you of childhood memories, or maybe they are just plain fun. Well, that is how I feel about purple potatoes. I think the color just brings out the kid in me. Every time I make them I can hear my Mom whispering in my ear, "Stop playing with your food!".

But Mommmmm, I can't help it. These potatoes are just too ding dang cute!

The first time I ran across purple potatoes at my local market I really had no idea what they were. I knew they looked like potatoes, but how could a potato be purple? I asked the produce guy and he assured me that yes, they were in fact potatoes. My curiosity immediately got the best of me and I bought 2 pounds immediately.

Purple Potato Puffs from

The first thing I made was mashed potatoes. I was seriously shocked at how purple the cooked potatoes are. I actually giggled when I finished making them. I wished I had known about them when my kids were little. They would have loved to see these purple mashed potatoes their plate!

The second thing I tried with them were my potato pancakes. They just brightened up the breakfast plate and immediately put me into a good mood. I ask you, who could be in a bad mood when they are greeted by bright purple pancakes in the morning? I think no one, that's who!

That is why I am so excited to be working with Idaho® potatoes today! When I got a bag of russet potatoes, and a box of fingerling potatoes, along with my little Spuddy Buddy, you would have thought it was Christmas, and I was opening the best present ever. Well, I kinda was if you look at it from a food blogger (and potato lovers) perspective.

Purple Potato Puffs from

You see, I fell in love with Idaho® potatoes a long time ago. With my Dad being the potato fiend that he was, potatoes were a very big part of my childhood. Then when I began shopping for myself, I asked the produce guy which potatoes were the best. He didn't hesitate when he told me that Idaho® potatoes were #1. Okie dokie, who was I to argue with him?

They really do make the best mashed potatoes, always creamy and never grainy like some other potatoes can be. And when you bake them they get all fluffy inside. Yummm perfect for butter to settle right into! #drooling

Purple Potato Puffs from

But, back to that lovely box of potatoes, we have been enjoying potatoes with burgers, steak, chicken, and pork chops. They just go with everything and we never seem to get tired of them. Especially when you make Fully Loaded Crash Hot Potatoes, Creamy Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes, Crispy Potatoes with Spicy Aioli, and Deviled Egg Potato Salad.

Speaking of potato salad, I have some in my fridge right now and it is calling my name. I know what I will be having, with my sandwich, for lunch!

Have you ever had purple potatoes? If so what did you make? If not, what would be the first thing you would make?

Purple Potato Puffs from

Purple Potato Puffs

Bobbi's Kozy Kitchen
Published 06/28/2015
Purple Potato Puffs

A tasty little potato bite with Parmesan cheese, Greek yogurt, and chives. Perfect for your next party or family gathering!


  • 1 pound Idaho® potatoes purple fingerling potatoes, chopped
  • 1/2 cup fat free Greek yogurt, plus more for topping
  • 1/4 cup low fat/fat free milk (or enough to get the potatoes to the desired constancy)
  • 1/4 cup fresh chives, chopped (reserve some for garnish)
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly cracked black pepper
  • 3 large eggs, beaten
  • 3/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese


  1. Place potatoes to a large pot and add enough water to cover them. Bring to a boil and cook about 12 minutes, or until a fork easily inserts into the potatoes. Drain and return to the hot pot, mash the potatoes and then add the yogurt and chives. Mash a bit more and add milk as needed. Adjust seasoning. Set aside to cool (about 30 minutes).
  2. Heat the oven to 400°F and spray a mini-muffin tin with vegetable oil cooking spray.
  3. Whisk together the mashed potatoes, the eggs, and Parmesan cheese. Taste and adjust seasoning if needed.
  4. Spoon approx 1 heaping tablespoon of the mixture into each muffin cup.
  5. Bake for 20 to 30 minutes, or until the potato cups are set, lightly browned on top, and hot throughout. Let cool for about 5 minutes in the pan, then remove them from the pan and serve warm topped with Greek yogurt and chives.
Yield: 24 puffs
Prep Time: 0 hrs. 45 mins.
Cook time: 00 hrs. 20 mins.
Total time: 65 mins.
Tags: potato, Greek yogurt, chives, egg, Parmesan cheese, appetizer, Idaho® potatoes, #SundaySupper

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A tasty little potato bite with Parmesan cheese, Greek yogurt, and chives, all wrapped up in a cute little purple package. Perfect for your next party or get together! From


  1. Purple potatoes are my favorite! I absolutely love, love, love this recipe.

    1. I love them too Renee, they are so fun!

  2. These are so pretty Bobbi! I love that you used the purple taters! :)

  3. Besides being incredibly tasty and irresistible, the color of these puffs is extraordinary! Brava!

    1. Thank you Liz! We really loved them, and they were so fun to make too.

  4. Wow those look yummy! Great recipe :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

  5. What beautiful colors these turned out to be! Yum!

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  11. My favorite of the fingerlings are the purple ones, simply because the color is so saturated, and it remains once cooked. They are visually spectacular! Wonderful recipe you have here...

  12. Purple is my favorite color so I knew I was going to love these. Plus the recipe is loaded with healthy ingredients. This is one gorgeous, elegant appetizer sure to please.

  13. These are so cute and I love the purple potatoes!