Thursday, April 28, 2016

Avocado Free Guacamole

Avocado Free Guacamole - For those of us that can't indulge in guacamole due to avocado allergies, this version will make you feel like you aren't missing a thing from

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OK, now before you all come together with a resounding chorus of "Avocado Free Guacamole? What the heck", and think about revoking my foodie card, let me explain.

Why would I ever take one of the best dips of all time and switch it up?

Well, for those that don't know, a little over a year ago I developed an allergy to avocados. Like a, get my butt to the ER because I can’t breathe allergy!

I know, it is OK to shed a tear, I still quietly cry about it often. Although Kevin would consider it more whining than crying, I have been found hovering over my beloved avocados in the produce department, gently caressing them with visions of tacos, tostadas, and burritos dancing through my head.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lunch with the Girls - A Quick and Easy Taco Bar

How to create a quick and easy taco bar for your next get together from
Diana from Eating Richly, Rose from Half Her Size, Dani from The Adventure Bite, and lil' ol' me.

Thank you to Old El Paso for sponsoring this post, and our blogger retreat  you rock !
Make sure to check out the video of our simple taco bar, and weekend happenings at the end of this post 

A couple of months Diana ago contacted a few of to talk about how we all needed a little blogger weekend away. 

My first thought? Thank the Lawwwwwd!!

When you do what we do, it gets so easy to stay cooped up, behind the screen, typing away. You tend to just get wrapped up with work, and forget there is a 3D world, and people, out there just waiting to be enjoyed. 

At least I know that is my MO. My kids come to visit me, I get to watch the G-baby every Friday, and Kevin usually does all of my shopping for me on his way home from work.

Ummm hermit, table for one?

Friday, April 22, 2016

Mini Lemon Chess Pies

Tiny little bites of heaven, these little lemon pies are easy to make and will have your family raving about your baking skills! From

The weather is finally warming up here in Western Washington, and I am dying to get outside and enjoy it. I am serious about that folks. I will see the sun pop out on my deck and I will run outside so I can just sit in it and soak it up. Then a cloud will roll by, so I will rush back inside so I can get some work done. Awhile later, out pops the sun and off I go! It makes it hard to get things done, but I have ADD so I never stay on track anyway, and feeling the sun on my face is waaaaaaaaaay worth a little bit of disorganization!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fully Loaded Crash Hot Potatoes

Crispy little baked potatoes, smashed, and loaded with all of your favorite toppings from

Potatoes, I love 'em!

Taters, spuds, whatever you call them, they make my tummy very very happy.

Possibly it is because I was raised by two mid-westerners.

My Dad was a true meat and potatoes kind of guy.

Don't give him foo-foo sides or fancy entrees. All he needed was a hunk of beef and a big fat potato (slathered in butter of course) and he was in his own food heaven. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

One Pot Chili Mac

I have been a bit under the weather for the last few weeks. My fault, I have anemia and haven't kept up on my iron and B12 levels #shameonme 

Something I will make sure to do from now one because I hit rock bottom and felt like a lifeless blob.   The nurse said I seriously had two little red blood cells chasing each other around my body trying to multiply! Oops!!

But I have had two iron infusions, and 3 B12 shots, so I am beginning to feel human again.

SO, now that I have an appetite, what is the first thing I am craving? Why a big ol' pot of something mac and cheesy of course! I mean look at all of that gooey cheese! I dare say that is enough to wake up anyone's appetite!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

35 Green Smoothies That Actually Taste Good

35 Green Smoothies That Actually Taste Good from

I haven't been on the smoothie band wagon for very long. I tend to be a bit slow sometimes. Sometimes I think it is just me being determined not to go with the flow. 

Do you do that? Or is it just me?

My Mom always said that I marched to the beat of my own drummer.

Unfortunately that marching tends to bring me in at the back of the pack sometimes. OK, I am a little slow, but I get there......eventually.