I Have the Best Foodie Friends!!

I am speechless (and believe me THAT is hard to do) by the love that I have been shown from my wonderful foodie friends! I started blogging 5 years ago. Some friends of mine had blogs and I thought it would be a cool way to journal things that were going on in my life. I think I posted once in 2007 and didn't post again until March of 2010! Then I sporadically posted a few times a month.

In November of 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had been in school full time, but in January 2011 I had a double mastectomy and was forced to be home on "light duty" for several months. My kids had always told me that I should start a blog like Julie and Julia because I had loved Rachael Ray (never missed a show) for years. I blew it off thinking people would think it was silly or too copycat. 

Once I was able to get up and about I had TONS of time on my hands with NOTHING to do. I was literally not allowed to clean house, do laundry, sweep, vacuum, etc. Now I used to think that would be pretty cool. But once I was faced with it I was bored out of my mind! That was when the blog idea came back full force. So I marched to my little computer and started a blog I called Bobbi Renee and Rachael Ray. I posted a few recipes over 3 months. I was determined to work my way through her cookbook, "365 No Repeats" but between not being able to cook everyday, and the worrying about copyright laws, I shut it down. Then I opened Bobbi's Kozy Kitchen. I started with 7 followers and no idea what a Facebook fan page was. I never imagined it would get to what it is today, 500+ Facebook fans, 100+ Twitter followers, 50+ followers on my blog, and it is not really even about the numbers to me. It is about the wonderful, talented, and caring people I have met on this journey. I know it is said often, but I do feel I am truly blessed! Then I am even more touched that I was given this award again from 2 more people that I cherish very dearly. 

Liebster means "beloved" in German. This award is a show of love and support to blogs that have less than 200 followers. I want to thank Mel, Katrin, and Angie for their love and support!! 

There are a few rules for this award.

#1 Show your love to the blogger(s) that gave you this award by linking back to them.

#2  Share you top 5 picks and let them know by posting on their blogs

#3 Post the award on your blog.

I am a lucky girl, not only because 3 wonderful bloggers saw fit to choose me in their top 5, but because I now get to share the love 10 more times (my first 5 can be found here please check them out as well. Tell them I said "Hi" and give them a follow too)!

Big Bears Wife - Angie followed me almost from the beginning. The coolest thing was when I started my Facebook fan page she liked me there and I realized she was a fellow blogger! Small world eh? She has always has supportive and kind things to say. Her blog is AMAZING but I am afraid I have gained 5 pounds just reading her last few posts!!!

Rich and Sweet - Bia Bia Bia....what can I say. Her blog says rich and sweet and I know it is talking about her food, but I can tell you the sweet applies to Bia as well. Bia is the kind of person you would love to sit in your kitchen with, have a cup of coffee (or wine depending on the time hehe), chat and cook up a storm!

A Health Jalapeno - Laura is just the sweetest. She is one of the first people that posted on my Facebook wall. She is kind, caring, and cooks up some darn tasty looking food!!

Recipes For My Boys - Can I let you in on a secret? I am jealous of Debi. Yup, I admit it freely. She has 3 little boys. I miss my kiddos being little soooo much. But even with 3 little ones to keep her busy she finds the time to come up with great new ways to keep them happy in the kitchen (and the rest of us too!).

Jam Hands - Ali is a sweetheart and who loves being a Mom. She cooks up some gorgeous stuff you have to check her out. She also is a fellow zombie fan LOL

Serious Food For the Soul - Nonna is one of those people that as soon as you "meet" her you know that you are going to be great friends. She is so upbeat and caring. I wonder if she ever has an off day, if so I have never seen it! Check her out, you will love her too.

and then, I ate it! - I don't know Kay very well but what I do know about her I absolutely adore! We have a lot in common. We love our kids like crazy, love photography, enjoy meeting life with a healthy sense of humor, and really love cooking and sharing our food. 

Mia's Domain - Mia is one of those people that I would love to sit with and just talk. I know she has so many stories about her Grandmother, and traveling, and cooking, she might be one person that could get me to shut up! Seriously though, you have to check out her page. The pictures a lone will make you soooo hungry!! She has a vegetarian chili that just makes me WANT to be a vegetarian!

Coupon Loving Chicks - No, this isn't a cooking blog, but no body said these had to be cooking blogs and I could not list off my favorite blogs without mentioning Mary and Vanessa. They are two of the, hands down, nicest people I have ever "met". They not only help out with all of the wonderful info on their blog, but they are just genuinely kind and caring people. They send out little gifts, leave wonderful uplifting messages on peoples pages, and never fail to make me smile!!

Chef in Disguise - Sawsan is a terrific lady. I met her a couple of months back and without really knowing me she volunteered to help me with a problem I was having. Not only did she volunteer to help me, a stranger, she jumped into the favor so quickly and helped me out sooooo immensely! I really don't know how she works, takes care of her kids, runs a terrific blog, and lends a helping hand to strangers in need :)

Well there my friends is my list of 10. Please check them all out and leave them a comment or better yet, give them a follow!!


  1. I LOVE this post Bobbi, so wonderful to showcase these great people/blogs. I love how you put a little bit about each on of them too (and I agree with ALL your comments)

  2. Bobbi, you just had me in tears, you have no idea how much i treasure all my fb friends, and most because i moved down south and never really made any friends, and y'all are everything for me! and i relate to you so much, since my mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer 3 times and is alive after 7 years since the last time!!!! You rock and thank you!!!!

  3. What a great post! these are some outstanding blogs! I regularly check out many of these sites. Very nice of you to give these shout outs!

  4. Katrin, thank you so much for honoring me in the first place!!!

  5. Bia, I feel the same way. You all ARE my friends!!

  6. Thank you Steve, I think they are some pretty special people :)

  7. Bobbi you are so wonderful and this is just the sweetest award! You are such an enthusiastic and passionate blogger and it comes through day after day in your writing!!! Thanks so much <3
    Laura @ A Healthy Jalapeño

  8. Bobbi,
    Food blogging is like a family, one tight community! I've only been doing this since earlier this year, and I too am amazed at how many friends I have made along the way. Keep up the great spirit, recipes, and friendship!
    Aimee @ ShugarySweets

  9. Love you Bobbi girl!! I am very fortunate to have met so many wonderful and sincere people that I call friends.

  10. My sweet friend, I will confess today has been one of those days where you just want to hurry it along, so it could be bedtime ...and tomorrow comes, quickly. Coming here and reading your post has turned my day around. As a cancer survivor, in reading your post I am reminded how blessed I am to be alive and surrounded by family and friends who love, appreciate, and support me. Thank you for your kind and sincere words. They've made my heart smile with joy. Please know you are love and appreciated. I pray God blesses you immensely, “always” …in “all” ways!!! ♥Mary♥

  11. Oh you have touched home with this post....You are a wonderful person Bobbi, and I love the people that I have met along the way too. Some in cyber space and others in person. What a joy to make new friends....
    Godspeed to you

  12. Aimee I am just so happy that we found this wonderful community!! Thank you so much :)

  13. Vanessa I am glad I could turn your day around and make you smile. You always make me smile so I am glad to return the favor!!

  14. Angie thank you so very much!!

  15. Aaaaww Laura I think you are pretty awesome too!!

  16. Bibbi..I really don't know what to say!
    I am deeply touched..I really appreciate the award and your sweet words..and I really didn't do much ..I was glad to help :)
    Thank you for making my day
    and I am proud of you for being a cancer survivor and for doing an amazing job on your blog

  17. Thank you Sawsan!! You are a very wonderful person :)

  18. Thank You So Very Much for this Loving Award! I am truly honored! You are such an Amazing, Beautiful, and Inspiring Lady! I love to follow you daily as you share your Delicious recipes with us. Thank you again for choosing me to be among your 5! Much <3 and Many Hugs!

  19. Awww Debi thank you so much for such kind words!! You are very very deserving of much more than just this award! Much love to you!