The Versatile Blogger Award 2012

It is so flattering to be recognized by my peers. As food bloggers we put our heart and soul into what we do because that is our passion. So when someone I respect singles me out for an award it is such an honor. That is what Candi from The Devilish Dish did by giving me this award. Thank you so very much Candi for putting a smile on my face and making my day!!

Now I get to pay it forward by choosing 5 blogs to give this award to. This is a very difficult choice because I know so many wonderful bloggers now. But I will pick 5

There are so many more that I could list! I wish it wasn't just 5. But please make sure to check out other wonderful blogs by clicking on the links to the left hand side of my blog!!


  1. Thank you so much! :) You made my night :)

    1. No thanks needed Angie I think you are a rock star!!

  2. What a great list of food bloggers! Congratulations to you all on the Versatile Blogger Award, much deserved! Have a good one guys! =]

  3. Congratulationss to you Bobbi, and to all the other great blogger-winners!

  4. Thank you so much Bobbi and Congratulations on your award too! xo