Boozy Hot Chocolate

I love me some hot chocolate.

I mean luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv it!

As soon as the weather chills and we get a bit of drizzle, which in Western Washington is every other day in the winter, I want a big cup of hot chocolate with a big dollop of whipped cream or a ton of marshmallows.

But then comes Christmas.

Christmas Fire Balls (aka Rum Balls with a Twist)

It is just a couple of days 'till Christmas and you still have cookies to make?

Join the club!

Although for me it was last Friday and there was a Christmas party on Saturday. YIKES!!

Friday Flashback 12/20/13

Well hello there! 

Can you believe that there are only 5 more days until Christmas? It seems to take forever to get here, and the *POOF* it is gone. 

Boy I sound like a little kid don't I? 

I can't help it, I have always been this way about Christmas, from as early as I can remember. I have so many wonderful memories of this time of year from my childhood, all the way to my kids being little, and now. 

I think if I could go back and relive any Christmas though it would be when my kids were little.

Turkey, Bacon, Corn Chowder (What To Do With Leftovers)

This year I have been trying to focus on coming up with recipes to incorporate holiday leftovers. 

I always make my Creamed Corn the Healthy Way, and I make a TON of it because it is easy to make, and everyone loves it.

Plus I make a HUGE turkey so we can have as many turkey sandwiches as possible.

But you can only eat so many sandwiches. I mean I can eat quite a few, but you just get tired of the same old thing.

Oven Baked Chicken and Dumplings

Do you have a, hands down, favorite dish of all time?

I do!

I know that I always talk about how much I love Mexican food, but when it comes to something I could eat everyday if I had to it would be chicken and dumplings.

Double Cheesy Taco Burger

I love it when I am left to my own devices to come up with a meal and no questions are asked.

E.g. "What are you making for dinner tonight?".

That is when I can have my way. Which usually means *drumroll* 

Roasted Poblano Corn Pudding

It is no big secret that I love Mexican flavors right?

It is also no big secret that Kevin isn't a big fan of Mexican food. 

Buttttttttt he does love spice. Throw some peppers in it and I can usually pass off anything.

Friday Flashback 12/13/13

Hiya gang! I know I have been a bit MIA for a couple of weeks, but between a cold, back pain, and holiday happenings, I have wished I could clone myself!!

One to sniffle, one to lay on the sofa with the heating pad, one to decorate and wrap Christmas presents, one to cook and do bloggy stuff, and then I will take a vacation!! 

Seriously. I would be on a tropical beach in a heartbeat!!

Garlic Chicken Casserole

I love casseroles.

There I said it.

I don't know why the word casserole can bring such a bad image to some people.

Maybe it is the flashback to our younger years, where everything was put into a dish and mixed with some cream of something soup. 

Fudgy Chocolate Caramel Brownies

When Pompeian asked me to be a part of the group that would be reviewing some of their products I really had no idea how much I would end up loving them. I honestly thought that oil was oil.

I mean I knew the super pricey olive oils were different. But the oils that us regular folk buy? I figured they were pretty much all the same. NOPE!!

I used Pompeian's Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make my Tuna Panino with Italian Salsa Verde and was blown away by the clean bright flavors.

Holiday Cheer #Giveaway Win a $600 Visa Gift Card {Giveaway Has Ended}

Can you believe it's December already? Thanksgiving is over and Hanukkah is under way; which also means that it's officially shopping season! In fact, today is Cyber Monday, the busiest online shopping day of the year. So I rallied some of my favorite food bloggers together and we decided to give someone a little extra spending money this holiday season. A little? Heck...we decided to give away $600! After all, we truly appreciate and love all of our readers!

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Bacon Cinnamon Rolls with Maple Frosting for #SundaySupper

The theme for this weeks Sunday Supper is "We've got you covered". There were so many ideas in my head with this. Covered dish? Having you covered for your Thanksgiving leftovers? 

Then for some reason bacon cinnamon rolls covered in Maple frosting popped into my head.

I am telling you, it can be a strange place in there sometimes.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

On this day of thanks, while we surround ourselves with family and friends, I want to take this moment to thank each and every one of you. I am very lucky to be able to do what I love, and that my darling readers would not be possible without you!

Thank you for your wonderful words of support, encouragement, and love. 

I am truly blessed Purple Heart Emoticon

Have a fantabulous Thanksgiving!! 

DIY Baby Food Jar Spice Jars

Kitchen clutter is typical a hazard for any foodie. We like gadgets, tools, what-nots, and do-dads. And if you are anything like me, TONS of spices. When my spices began to take over my kitchen counter, I realized I had to do something fast. But what to do? 

I priced those cute little spice jars at the specialty stores, and just about died when I realized how much it would cost me! I knew I had to come up with something that would do the job, but not cost me an arm and a leg!!

Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake with Brown Butter Glaze

Are you tired of pumpkin?

I sure hope not!

I am still in full pumpkin obsession mode.

And lucky for me, so is everyone else in my life.

My biggest problem?

Figuring out what I want to make next.

I mean, I can't just post non-stop pumpkin dishes. 

I think even I would get bored pretty quick with that. 

Pork Stew with Roasted Green Chilies for #SRC

This month I was assigned the blog Shockingly Delicious for Secret Recipe Club. I was so excited because I have followed Dorothy's blog for quite some time. I first found her blog when I became a member of Sunday Supper and have loved just about everything I had ever seen her make. 

Then I found out she was not only in the Secret Recipe Club, but she was part of my group. There are so many members of the club that we have the blogs broken down into 4 groups to make is easier for everyone.

I kept hoping I would get assigned her blog. Then that day came and I actually had to choose something to make. Yikes!! That was rough! I think I could have dedicated quite a few days to just recreating the fantabulous dishes she offers on her blog! 

Friday Flashback 11/22/13

WOW it is Friday again!

I have spent the last week on my sofa, with tea, and tissues. 

This cold is really kicking my rear! 

I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

I hope. 

But poor Kevin, well if I am getting rid of it, he is finding it. 

We may be rotating shifts on the sofa.

Roasted Garlic Twice Baked Potato Casserole

The last couple of weeks the family has taken turns with this cold that is going around. I, of course, seem to have gotten the worst of it. I don't know why. I take my vitamins, drink my water, yet whatever bug that goes around seems to glue itself to me.

Even though I am sick, the show must go on right? Everyone still gets hungry, and look to me when that happens. My kids still want to have our family nights, and Kevin wants something warm to eat when he gets home.

Really, I don't mind it. I still think about cooking, even when I am sick.

Greek Turkey Pasta Salad

Do you ever find yourself a bit shell shocked after Thanksgiving is all said an done?

You know, you wake up on Friday and open your refrigerator door. Only to be welcomed by an overwhelming amount of leftover turkey, stuffing, and sweet potato casserole!  

Well, I have that moment every Thanksgiving.


with lack of imagination,

I proceeded to make a hundred turkey sandwiches!

Twice Baked Pumpkin Stuffed Sweet Potatoes #SundaySupper

My obsession with pumpkin has been well documented over the last few weeks. Between Pumpkin Applesauce, Pumpkin BBQ Sauce, and 3 Cheese Pumpkin Mac and Cheese, I have been literally dreaming about different ways to use pumpkin in new and exciting ways. 

I know, 

I dream of food,

It is a hazard of being a food blogger.

Either that or I am just very strange.

Let's not debate that OK?

Friday Flashback 11/15/13

Happy Friday my lovely foodie friends!

This past week was a fun one for me. Even though we have struggled a bit with that awful cold that seems to be going around (it hangs on and doesn't want to go away!), Kevin and I had a "Mini Thanksgiving". 

I have always hosted Thanksgiving at my house since, well since I can remember cooking Thanksgiving dinners! But this year my son's girlfriend's grandmother is going to host both families in her home, so I have been feeling a bit lost. That was when I decided to do a "Mini Thanksgiving".

The Perfect Roast Turkey (Brine Recipe Included)

You might be laughing right now, thinking "Who is this woman and why does she think she knows how to make the perfect turkey?".

Years and years of trial and error my friends!

I started cooking turkey for the family wayyyyyy back before I had kids. My grandfather and grandmother were the ones that ran the show over the holidays, and I loved hanging out with them in the kitchen while they cooked.

Grandpa made the stuffing, my Grandma always baked bread (aaahhh I can still smell it!), and pecan pie.

I remember one year my Grandmother was making her famous pecan pie. We were all hanging around the kitchen, drooling, and she grabbed the pie out of the oven to set it on a rack to cool. For some reason the oven mitt didn't protect her from the heat of the pie tin, and down the pie went onto the floor. 

Spiced Rum Candied Yams

I am so excited about the coming holidays!! Last year was a bit rough because we had just moved, and I had lost my father the previous holidays. But this year, I am like a little girl waiting for Santa!

I have been coming up with some new recipes for you, but also going back and redoing some traditional family recipes. These candied yams are an updated version of the ones that my Grandmother and Mother used to make every year. 

I loved those yams, but I wanted to use fresh yams and add a little of my own flavahhhh.

Which lately seems to mean I add




or booze.

10 Great Soups and Stews

I know I have been rambling on about soups and stews, and how many I have planned for the upcoming season. Are you tired of it already?

No way right?

Good!! Because I decided that I wanted to share with you the 10 favorite soups and stews from this past year.

Some of these are family favorites, some of them are recipes that you all have told me that you loved and wanted to make again and again. So I wanted to put them all together for you.

Daube de Boeuf á La Provençale (French Beef Stew with Red Wine)

I know I have mentioned in the past that Kevin does not not share my love for all things slurpy.

He is my carnivore. 

He wants things thick, rich, and meaty. 

He is so demanding!

Just kidding. He lives with a food blogger, how demanding can he be? 

But everyone once in a while I really try to think of a dish that would make him a happy guinea pig camper.

3 Cheese Pumpkin Mac and Cheese for #FamilyDinnerTable #SundaySupper

Cheese, glorious cheese! 

Is there anything better than a nice hot, cheesey mac and cheese?

Not in my world there isn't!!

So when I saw that Sunday Supper and AmFam were sponsoring a Cheesy recipe event. Well you know I jumped on board in a flash!

Couple that with my new found obsession.....PUMPKIN

and it is a perfect dish for me.

Friday Flashback 11/8/13

Happy Friday my foodie friends! Rain has again returned to my little corner of Western Washington. The fabulous Summer we had is now a faint memory. The leaves on the trees have turned gold and red, and many have fallen. Winter is knocking at the door already. Snow has even made an appearance in the higher elevations.

I am torn. Last year was a very mild Winter. We barely had any snow, and none that really hung around more than a day. So I have a feeling that this Winter is going to hit us HARD. I am not looking forward to an icy deck and driveway. 

Shoot I have a hard enough time not falling down my driveway in good weather! 

In my defense, I do have a very steep driveway.

But, living in the woods like we do in our new place.... 

Creamy White Chicken Chili with Roasted Poblano Peppers

Chili season is upon us my foodie friends!

Can I get an AMEN?

I adore this time of year because I can indulge in as many soups, stews, chowders, and chilies, that I can slurp into my body.

It is cold, wet, and rainy here in Western Washington a good 8 months of the year,  and I love every minute of it. 

I used to miss the sun, having come from San Diego many years ago, but now I have begun to miss my soup when the weather doesn't favor it. A foodie metamorphosis seems to have happened.

Sloppy Jo Jos

Do you ever just get random thoughts that pop into your head when you least expect them?

Well this dish was one of those random thoughts that happened while I was driving with my daughter talking about some of the recipes I had been woking on lately. 

BAM all of a sudden the little voice in my head screams, "SLOPPY JO JOS!!!". (I guess if I am going to hear voices, I should be reassured that they are talking about food right?)

Sauteed Cod with Garlic and Tomatoes

Once fall hits I swear my body begins to crave carbs more than oxegen! 

Pasta, bread, potatoes, they can all draw me in like a zombie looking for it's next victim. 

Which reminds me of a joke...

What do vegetarian zombies eat?


Beer Battered Fish with Oven Baked Chips and Spicy Tartar Sauce for #WeekdaySupper

I went shopping the other day, and when I shop I am always on the prowl for good sales. Low and behold, as I pass the fish counter, I see they have their cod on sale for $2.99 a pound! 

Now is cod my favorite fish? 

No, that distinction is reserved for halibut and salmon. 

However cod is a wonderful fish to use in fish recipes that don't completely revolve around the flavor of the fish itself. 

A blank slate so to speak (tilapia would be another that would come to mind as well).

So armed with this information many recipes began running through my head. 

Chicken Biryani for Middle Eastern #SundaySupper

When I saw that this weeks theme for Sunday Supper was Middle Eastern Cuisine I was a tad nervous at first.

I mean, on one hand, I have been chomping at the bit to try to work with some of the fantastic flavors that Middle Eastern cuisine has to offer.

But on the other hand, Kevin was not a fan of the tikka masala that I made for my Naanchos.

Like, didn't like them at all!

So I decided, like any good food blogger would, to ignore him.

October's Top 10 Roundup

October  seemed like such a busy month to me. 

Did it for you?

I honestly have no idea why. I don't have little ones to come up with costumes for, I didn't have a party to plan, I didn't even have family dinner every week.

Friday Flashback 11/1/13

Happy November everyone!

Now Halloween is over, the kids are still buzzing from their sugar high, and you have a houseful of spooky decorations to take down and replace with Fall/Thanksgiving decorations. 

Our thoughts start turning toward Christmas as well.

This is the time of year when my ADD goes wild!! 

I am planning Thanksgiving dishes, all the while making a Christmas shopping list and deciding what baking I want to do. I even begin planning my Christmas meal. 

My desk is a mess with note pads and post it notes. How I keep anything straight is beyond me!!

Easy Beef Pho

My daughter introduced me to Vietnamese Pho (pronounced ‘fuh’) a few years back, and from that moment I was in love.

I was like "Hello Pho, where have you been all of my life?"!!

This love was not a problem when we lived in San Diego. There were plenty of Vietnamese restaurants to choose from, and you could pretty much find a great one no matter what city you were in.

Fast forward to now.

Pumpkin BBQ Sauce

Pumpkin BBQ Sauce - Bring the taste of fall to your grill with amazing BBQ sauce.

Pumpkin BBQ Sauce from

Every year I see the flood of pumpkin recipes on the internet. I used to think that those people were absolutely crazy. I mean seriously nuts!!

Then about a month ago Kevin told me he loves pumpkin.

It was like someone opened up a flood gate,

The ideas hit me. My note book is filling up with more and more recipe ideas on a daily basis.

I am a woman obsessed!

Cheddar Biscuits with Peppered Ham Gravy

Cheddar Biscuits with Peppered Ham Gravy - The quintessential country breakfast updated with creamy peppered ham gravy and cheddar studded biscuits. It doesn't get much better than this!

Cheddar Biscuits with Peppered Ham Gravy - This quintessential country breakfast is easy to make and updated with creamy peppered ham gravy and cheddar studded biscuits. It doesn't get much better than this! #breakfast #brunch #comfortfood #breakfast #ham #gravy From

Unstuffed Cabbage Skillet for #SRC

For this month's Secret Recipe Club I was given Natural Noshings written by the very adorable Nora. I loved the fact that she switched to a gluten free/refined sugar free lifestyle back in 2009. It was interesting to see that she went through what I think Kevin is going through as well. I am not sure if I cold get him on board with the whole GF thing, but I may try.

Sausage Stuffed Pumpkin #SundaySupper Halloween Party

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. While my kids were growing up I loved planning their costumes. I usually made their costumes or we went thrift store shopping to put something together. 

Then as they got older it gave me an excuse to be a big kid myself. We would decorate the house with all sorts of scary things. Skeletons, zombies, tombstones, bats and spiders. We had a smoke machine and the scary sounds playing when the neighborhood kids would come to trick or treat. We would dress in costume and loved seeing if we could scare them.

Oh, don't worry, we didn't scare the little ones. 

But from Jr High up they were fair game!

Friday Flashback 10/25/13

Happy almost Halloween! 

Oh I know these aren't Halloween decorations but, since I drug my feet all month and didn't get them up, I decided to get a jump on my Thanksgiving decor. Plus it gives me a bit more time to make everything perfect.

I do tend to be a perfectionist.

Something that drives Kevin crazy.

BLT with Baked Avocado Egg Salad

I really don't know if it is possible for anyone to love avocado as much as I do. I drive Kevin crazy. He doesn't understand why I want, or rather need to have avocado on 

every sandwich

every salad 

every burger

every Mexican dish

and the one that really freaks him out is that I want it on every egg dish that I eat. 

Let's Go Non-GMO with Bestowed! {Product Review + Coupon}

Do you know about Bestowed

If not you definitely should!


Because for just $19 per month you receive a box filled with over $30 worth of full sized quality snacks and supplements hand picked by celebrity nutritionist and author Heather Bauer. 

Avocado Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

Ever since I made my Homemade Ranch Dressing the Healthy Way, I have been wanting to use it as the base for other dressing flavors. 

Ranch is probably my families favorite salad dressing, and ends up on everything from salad, to sandwiches, and pizza.....


But with trying to keep an eye on the waistline, that calorie packed tasty condiment had to go.

Once I came up with this recipe the family considered me a hero. 

Yay me!!

Pumpkin Applesauce for "Sauce it Up" #SundaySupper

This weeks theme for Sunday Supper is "Sauce it Up". 

Sometimes when I see the upcoming Sunday Supper themes I need a little time to think about what I want to make. This time I knew immediately. 

I had been wanting to do something with pumpkin and apples. I wanted to make something that was versatile, something that could be used in a sweet or savory recipe. I settled on making pumpkin applesauce because I knew it could go with anything from chicken and pork, to oatmeal and ice cream. 

Kevin had no idea I was making this, so when he came home from work he was happily surprised. He loves pumpkin. 

I think I mentioned a week or so back that after 5 years I just found that out. 

Way to be on the ball Bobbi!! 

Giving Thanks for Giving from #CookingPlanit, Help Us Celebrate The Unsung Heroes

I love the holiday season! A few years ago I began a Thanksgiving tradition with my family. When we sit down to dinner, we each take a moment to say something we are thankful for. 

Many of you know my story and know that I had gastric bypass surgery in 2004, which resulted in me losing over 160 pounds. But what you don't know is that due to complications I was kept in a medically induced coma afterward for about 3 weeks. 

When I came to I was not able to get up, and was still not able to eat. My then husband had returned to work full time and my days were full of staring at the ceiling. I was very depressed and lonely. 

Lightened Up Panera-Inspired Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Soup glorious soup! I have told you a million times that I am obsessed with love soup. I could sing about it, or cheer about it! 

I actually did. No seriously, ask Kevin, he was thinking about having me committed. 

I was listening to music and bouncing around my kitchen making this soup (thinking I was alone mind you) and I, 

well, this is what happened...

Devilish Eggs

We love deviled eggs here. I mean realllllllllllllllly love deviled eggs. I have been known to make a batch of them and then that is what we have for dinner. 

So we really don't need an excuse to make them, obviously! But, we love it when the holidays roll around because for some reason deviled eggs and the holidays, all holidays, seem to go hand in hand. I am always the first to volunteer to bring them to any party.