Friday Flashback 7/26/13

I don't know about where you are but here in Western Washington it has been perfect. Just the kind of summer we wait 9 to 10 months a year for! 

I have been spending time in my garden

 Watching the wildlife in my backyard

 and soaking up sun at my friends pool (don't you love the friend with a pool!). 

All of this is not very conducive to getting a lot of work done though and I admit I have slacked off in my duties as a food blogger. OK well it isn't all my fault. When you have people showing up and dragging you off to this and that get together or party (I know your heart bleeds for me right hehehe) it is soooo hard to focus on work. But I was able to get a bit of cooking done and a lot of recipe writing so there will be a lot going on in the kitchen in the coming couple of weeks. I have a burger in the works that the whole family is excited to try, as well as a seafood recipe, and a pasta. 

But let's look back at a couple tasty things that happened this week in my kitchen.

Now on to the happenings on Pintrest, because you know I can't stay away!

If you would like to follow my Pintrest (and I would love it if you do) you can find me here.

Well that is what happened in my kitchen last week. Don't miss my Secret Recipe Club reveal on Monday, plus some pretty dang tasty treats will be coming your way!!!

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