Friday Flashback 8/22/13

Happy Friday everyone! I hope this past week has been good to you. Even though my birthday was the 13th, we continued the celebration at various locations for about a week. I guess if I have to get older I am going to make sure I have fun doing it! From pool parties, to hanging out at our local bar with friends and family, to a wonderful dinner on the water, this birthday has by far been one of the best I have ever had!!

These pictures were taken (by iPhone because I forgot my regular camera) at The Lobster Shop in Tacoma. They have the best food of any local restaurant we have tried. No matter what I have ordered, it has always been delicious. We both had the Large Prawn Scampi and it was wonderful (of course I forgot to take a photo of the food....sheesh Bobbi) and a nice bottle of wine. Pair that with the amazing weather we have been having here and being able to sit on the water.....amazing!!

Sooooo I am going to blame the fact that I didn't post on Monday on all of the festivities. It is a good excuse right? Just say yes, it will make me feel a whole lot better.

However, the rest of the week I was a good girl and I think there was some pretty tasty food here for you to enjoy. Pair that with a terrific giveaway and what more could you ask for? Don't answer that, just make sure to enter the giveaway. Speaking of the giveaway.......

You can enter here and hurry there are only 2 days left!!

If you are a big fan of fast, easy meals with almost no clean up, and who isn't?

We finally ended the week with the burger of all burgers (well at least of the ones I have made so far).

What's coming next week? Well I am so glad you asked...
Always a favorite of mine, Sunday Supper and it is all global street food YUM!! Check out a preview here!
On Monday there will be a reveal for this months Secret Recipe Club recipe. I can't wait!! 
Plus I have a few tasty things on the back burner for you all.

I was a bad food blogger and missed several opportunities for Instagram photos *sigh* I promise I will get better!!

Now on to my Pintrest addiction errrr obsession eerrrr Oh heck I just love Pintrest!!
5 Easy Back to School Recipes from CookingPlanit
Pasta Puttanesca with Arugula from Mj and Hungryman
Chicken Tikka Masala from Can't Live Without
7 Layer Pasta Salad from Deep South Dish

So with that I will take my leave....on to more food bloggy stuff to make your taste buds tingle!!

Much foodie <3

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