Friday Flashback 8/30/13

Ya, I know, kind of heavy for me right? I have just been really introspective this last week. Things that have happened in my life, good and bad, have been forefront in my mind. The last few years of my life have been a roller coaster. I mean a serious "hang on because this is going to be a wild ride" roller coaster. I am not complaining, I know I have grown from each situation, and I guess maybe that is what this is all about. I am thankful. Thankful for the love of my family and friends, thankful for the fact that I wake up each morning healthy, thankful that my life allows me to do this which in turn has allowed me to have you all in my life. Are there things I still want in my life? Of course there are. But I am realizing that I need to appreciate what I have for now and believe that if the things I want are meant to be, they will be.

OK, enough of the serious stuff! Let's get on to the fun things....

This past week I spent quite a few hours in my garden trying to clean it up. Two things had happened. One is I did not research what containers I should use for each plant, or how many I should put in each container. OK lesson learned and next year I will do better. Two, well I have to admit with the fabulous weather we have been having, and my friend tempting me with the pool in her back yard (It's all her fault) I didn't give my babies the love that I had been. So they were looking a little ragged.

But I went to work and 2 hours later......

Look at those maters!

OK I know I love my tomatoes way too much probably, so let's see what went down outside of my garden this week.

Meanwhile on Pintrest.......

Black Bean and Feta Cheese Dip from Flavor Mosaic
Mocha Cupcakes from Miki's Kitchen
Spicy Jalapeno Deviled Eggs from Ally's Kitchen
Grapefruit Mojito from Flanboyant Eats
Bunless BBQ Burgers from Pinks Pantry

OK, that is it for this week gang. Have a wonderful safe Labor Day weekend!!!

Foodie <3!!

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