Friday Flashback 8/9/13

Wow it is Friday again!!  This has been a week filled with ups and downs. Monday we had a ceremony to spread the ashes of a good friend. It really was very peaceful to be out in the water saying our goodbyes, but tough at the same time because it now seemed so final that he was actually gone. We spent two days with his wife, keeping her company and reminiscing. 

Wednesday I received a phone call from a friend of mine from high school. We won't go into how long we have known each other, lets just say a realllllllly long time. He called to say he was in town and wanted to stop by. I was so excited! I hadn't seen him in 7 years or so. It was awesome to catch up. It seemed just like yesterday that we had been sitting together talking.

Yesterday was the first day of preseason and our Hawks played the Chargers. It was hard for me to see my two teams play against each other, and I did catch a lot of flack from my old friends for rooting for the Seahawks, but they won and I will admit I celebrated.

Now, why do I have a picture of Pikes Place Market on the blog? Well, Tuesday is my birthday and Pikes Place is one of my all time favorite places to go. I mean HUGE farmers market + food blogger? It's a no brainer right? The last time I was there was during the BlogHer Food conference earlier this year. Kevin went a long with me and one of the activities they had was a scavenger hunt through Pikes Place. We had a blast running all over the market looking for the items we needed to find. The game was played online so when you found items you had to take a picture and upload them to the game. This let me combine two of my favorite and photography. I am hoping to go back this weekend, there is some smoked salmon there that is calling my name!

Now on to what has been happening here on the blog. This is a run down of the week.

Since I was busy Monday and Tuesday there were only 2 posts this week....

The first review in a series for Tasty Bite Foods
This is the Kung Pao Noodles

Coming soon....

Soy Citrus Cod in Foil Packets
Spicy Sesame Peanut Noodles
Grilled Asparagus with Balsamic Drizzle
Baked Zucchini Fries
and much more......

I have been posting more photos on my Instagram so here are just a few

Tomatoes in my garden

My first little "maters"

A dessert I had the other day that I want to recreate at home...YUM right?

Now a few things I found on Pintrest from some fabulous bloggers.

Cilantro Lime Slaw from Daydream Kitchen
Grilled Nacho Pizza from Damn Delicious
One Pot Wonder: Prawn Noodle Soup from Hungry Healthy Happy
Upside Down Peach Shortcake from Who Needs a Cape?

OK gang, that is it for this week. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will see you on the flip side!!!



  1. I like your idea of Friday Flashback. Sums up the week, it's interesting and let's your readers know what you've been up to. That Farmers Market looks incredible! Love all the fresh seafood. Hope you have a fantastic birthday there!!

  2. bobbi this idea...sometimes I just don't see all you do during the week, so this is great to post on Fridays at Boho and then it's there all in one! I'm in!! xo

  3. Bobbi what an awesome idea! I love your post. That burger looks ah-mazing!

    1. Thanks Ann :) I am on a burger kick lately. Maybe it is the end of summer coming up, but I have two more burgers planned.