Tasty Bite Kung Pao Noodles {Product Review}

I was very happy when I was approached a few weeks ago by Tasty Bite to review some of their products. I am not normally a packaged food fan, but their products are all natural, with farm grown ingredients. More than 80% of the energy used to make their meals comes from renewable sources, and they are vegan, kosher, GMO free with no preservatives and no MSG. 

With my kids in their early 20's living on their own for the first time you know that meals usually consist of things that come from a bag, box, or the freezer. Good ol' mac and cheese or ramen noodles grace their dinner table more often than not. So if I could find a healthy alternative to those standby meals I was 100% behind it!

Now, as you see above, they generously provided me with quite a few dishes to try, so I will be providing reviews for each of the meals for the next few weeks.

This week we tried the Kung Pao noodles. I made them as a side dish rather than a main dish. I have a small appetite so that was perfect for me, but if you were using this as a main dish I would say one package would generously feed one person, or feed two people with smaller appetites. Let's put it this way, Kevin could have eaten the whole package on his own.

The first thing I noticed is the noodles have the same mouth feel as fresh cooked noodles. They don't have that dry packaged rameny (I am inventing words now) feel. The second thing I noticed is that they don't skimp on flavor. These noodles were cram packed with it! I am a big fan of Kung Pao, and the dish is usually pretty spicy. I think that they were able to walk the line, as far as the amount of spices, quite well. There was a tad bit of heat but not so much that it would be too spicy for most people. Kevin added some Sriracha to his to spice it up a bit more. They couldn't be any easier to prepare either. 1 minute in the microwave or boil in a pan of water for 5 minutes, and WALA supper is served.

The price, at $3.29, is a bit higher that a box of mac and cheese, but not any higher than a frozen meal and much healthier and flavorful. I am going to buy a few packages for the kids so they can try them out and see that they are worth the extra expense!!

I know I will keep some on hand for those nights when I just don't feel like cooking.

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Disclosure: I received a selection of products to sample but was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.


  1. Sweetie would love this!! Thanks for sharing, I'm going to see if they carry it around here. BB2U

    1. If you can't find it in the stores I believe you can order it online :)

  2. Those do look delicious! I'll have to try one.


  3. I like quick and easy! Those look great!

    1. Me too and the fact that they don't have all of the preservatives and additives that most prepackaged meals have made them even better to me :)