Devilish Eggs

We love deviled eggs here. I mean realllllllllllllllly love deviled eggs. I have been known to make a batch of them and then that is what we have for dinner. 

So we really don't need an excuse to make them, obviously! But, we love it when the holidays roll around because for some reason deviled eggs and the holidays, all holidays, seem to go hand in hand. I am always the first to volunteer to bring them to any party.

Up until now I haven't really tinkered with my traditional recipe. I mean why mess with success right? But this year I really wanted to try something new. I have seen the bacon deviled eggs, jalapeno deviled eggs, avocado deviled eggs, I just felt the need to come up with something else (although all of the the aforementioned sound amazing). I harbored the idea of combing all of them into one, but thought that night be just a little too much.

My next new favorite ingredient is roasted red peppers. I love the slightly spicy/smoky flavor they add to a dish. They can take a traditional dish and elevate it to a completely different level. So from jump I was pretty sure that we would like the addition of them to our favorite little nibble.

Kevin was my guinea pic for the filling. I love having him home as I make something so I can have another opinion before I am completely locked