Friday Flashback 12/13/13

Hiya gang! I know I have been a bit MIA for a couple of weeks, but between a cold, back pain, and holiday happenings, I have wished I could clone myself!!

One to sniffle, one to lay on the sofa with the heating pad, one to decorate and wrap Christmas presents, one to cook and do bloggy stuff, and then I will take a vacation!! 

Seriously. I would be on a tropical beach in a heartbeat!!

But, since that isn't happening any time soon, let me show you what has been happening around here for the last two weeks.

We bought our Christmas tree at a "cut your own tree" farm. Super fun, reallllllly cold!! 

There is nothing (or not much) better than the smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree. My house smells sooooo good!

I put up the decorations in my kitchen window. I am really starting to enjoy a "themed" window, but not really sure what I would do after Christmas? Valentines Day? What do you think? I am always open to ideas!!!

I finished the Christmas afghan I was crocheting! I am so excited with how it came out. Now I need a new pattern to start on, it is becoming an addiction! 

I am not sure if I told you about the little deer that was orphaned when her mom was hit by a car. Her mother used to bring her into our yard all of the time. I have photo's of her when she still had her spots. You can see old photos of her mother with her here.

She now comes around pretty regularly, and has even invited a couple friends to come occasionally. 

Being a "city girl" this is just an amazing thing to me. 

I will keep you updated with how she is doing through the winter.

Since it has been a couple of weeks, let's catch up on what has been on the blog...

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Have a fantabulous weekend <3


  1. Wow, love the Christmas tree. It's the perfect looking tree. :) Nice job on the decoration.. will also check out your caramel brownies! They are my fave type.

  2. I'm curious what your definition of really cold is - lol. It's about 20 degrees here in MA right now ;)

    We got our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving and you're right, there is NOTHING like the smell!

  3. Your decorations look great. How cool that your baby deer continues to come into your yard. I will definitely be trying the bacon topped cinnamon rolls. Yummy!!! Have a great Christmas.

  4. You decorated that Christmas tree perfectly!
    And I'm loving the looking of that Pumpkin Spice Cake! It sounds very festive, thank you

  5. Glad that you are feeling better now, I missed your amazing recipes and food ideas! Cinnamon rolls with bacon, be still my heart. Love.

  6. Oh my your Christmas decorations look amazing - and that poor deer I'm so glad she has thrived after losing her mother and still comes to see you :) I bet it must be amazing just watching them wander your yard. x

  7. Your Christmas tree and window decorations are really pretty. I love that you have your own personal deer who feels right at home in your back yard-enough so that he/she brings friends! I think we all could use a tropical beach right now.

  8. I am jealous of your crocheting, I can not seem to master that one. I am however taking quilting back up and super excited about it. I love the deer, I too am a city girl that recently moved to where you see them frequently. I still stop to see them whether driving or running - they are just beautiful.

  9. We don't have any tree this year. Our house looks so bland and boring compared to the others in the neighborhood. I'm loving that crochet. It's absolutely beautiful!

  10. I love the afghan. Very pretty and festive. I have a bay window that I decorate for every season. I love the fall and Christmas decorating the best but spring and summer is fun too. I grew up country but am big time city now. Viewing mother nature never gets old.

  11. Awww look at those Deer.. hubby would go crazy seeing them that close... and YUM.. love your recipes.. the Pumpkin cake looks amazing.. BUT so does everything else..thanks for sharing

  12. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I really like the afghan you crochet. It looks so warm and festive.