Friday Flashback 12/20/13

Well hello there! 

Can you believe that there are only 5 more days until Christmas? It seems to take forever to get here, and the *POOF* it is gone. 

Boy I sound like a little kid don't I? 

I can't help it, I have always been this way about Christmas, from as early as I can remember. I have so many wonderful memories of this time of year from my childhood, all the way to my kids being little, and now. 

I think if I could go back and relive any Christmas though it would be when my kids were little.

The excitement and wonder in their little faces. From writing letters to Santa, decorating the house, and then the sleepless Christmas eve. 

I would be woken up in the wee hours of Christmas morning by little voices.

The kids - "Momma" "Momma" "Momma"
Me - "What?"
The kids - In a verrrrrrrrrrry quiet whisper, "Santa was here"
Me - *gasp* "Really. You think so?"
The kids - "Yesssssssssss Momma, he was he was he was!!"
Me - "Well I am still tired, I think I will sleep a little longer and then we can go see"
Both of them, no longer whispering - "NNNOOOOOOOOO"
Me - "I'm up, I'm up!!"
The kids running out of my room - "YAYYYYYYYY"

Yup, I miss those times.

What is a favorite holiday memory for you?

As you can see, today we had the first snow of the year!

Actually the first measurable amount of snow in a couple of years if I am correct.

I turn into a 5 year old when it snows.

When Kevin woke me up, to let me know that I was right and he was wrong and it did in fact snow, I must have sounded like Cindy Lou Who.

"Wha a snowed? Ahh ahhh ooooooh"

I know, I am very strange. Kevin just shakes his head when I get like that. So just go with it OK?

Do you get excited when it snows? Especially around Christmas? 

My first article on!

Simple, Elegant DIY Christmas Wreath 

Now on to the happenings on the blog this past week.

Roasted Poblano Corn Pudding

Double Cheesy Taco Burger

Oven Baked Chicken and Dumplings

Turkey, Bacon, Corn Chowder

And last but not least, a few of the tasty treats I came across on Pinterest:
Maple Baked Purple Sweet Potatoes from Magnolia Days
Candied Citrus and Chocolate Rum Cake from The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen
Saucy Roast Beef and Swiss Sliders from Daily Dish Recipes

Yum right? Those make me want to get into the kitchen right now and make them all at once!!

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Have a fabulous weekend!!


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  2. My favorite christmas memories is when I was a young child. There just something magical about Christmas when you believe. We would always have a family get-together on Christmas and open a ton of gifts.

  3. Those are such yummy foods - everyone is excited for Christmas!

  4. I dont celebrate Christmas but I do enjoy the snow. This time of year is lovely with the snow.

  5. That taco burger looks mouth watering. We had our first snow, too, but it's warmed up and now it's all melting away.

  6. That pics made me mad. Ahh just can wait for 25th.
    Merry christmas everyone

  7. I like snow for one day... Christmas Eve so Santa can use his sleigh. Then, I am so done with the snow. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

    1. LOL You sound like me Terry. I love snow at the holidays and am so happy to see it. After the first of the year, not so much!!

  8. I love so many things about Christmas. Two of our kids are grown, but they still have Christmas wonder, and one is a teen, she's still got it too. The little guy's full of ALL the magic. I love all of the memories and traditions. :)

    1. That is what I look forward to grandkids for. To see that awe in their eyes. So magical!!

  9. I actually cannot believe it is only 4 sleeps till Christmas where has the time gone since the last one! I hope you and your family have a wonderful day :) x

  10. last year was our favorite Christmas. we had been struggling living with friends and received some unexpected last minute gifts

  11. Brr your pictures makes me feel cold. That Double Cheesy Taco Burger looks delish for the cold weather though! My boyfriend would love the crunchy combo!

    1. I love grilling burgers in the winter months to make me feel close to summer LOL Kevin probably doesn't like it as much as I do since he actually has to be outside doing the grilling!!

  12. I know you did not think you could really sleep in on Christmas day, lol. I love this time of year though wish I was someplace where it snowed. Being in Florida it is the same thing every day :(

    1. Oh no, I knew better lol but I just had to mess with my kids!!

  13. I love snow but we have to go to the local mountains to see it. Your picture of your back yard is amazing. Magical. I have so many wonderful memories of Christmas past, both of when my kids were young and when I was young. I loved Christmas Eve the most. The food, opening gifts and going to midnight Mass.

  14. My favorite memory is the year my daughter really understood Christmas. She was so excited about everything and the opening of gifts lasted about a week since she played with everything and enjoyed it all.

  15. aww! :) I love snow and I love Christmas!! this morning my 5 yr old woke me up to say "Is today Christmas yet, mom?' It was so cute! Shes going to have so much fun in a few days! We spent the day baking cookies and wrapping presents. :) I want to eat that chowder. I love chowder and that looks amazing!

  16. Love the flashback. Well by the time I was able to read this it's only 1 day away from Christmas. I'm so loving the food. Don't know what we're doing yet for our Christmas dinner but it would be nice to make one of these. Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays.

  17. Thank you for sharing my recipe Bobbi, this post is outstanding. So many delicious things I totally missed! Plus I enjoyed looking back!

    1. Thanks Nicole! I can't wait to make your roast beef sliders YUM!!!