10 Great Gifts for Your Foodie Valentine

Valentines Day is on the horizon and the pressure is on to find that special someone a gift they will remember.

The thing is, shopping for a foodie is way different than shopping for a "normal" person.

We don't dream of jewelry. We dream of gadgets and gizmos. Things that we might not buy for ourselves, but would secretly love to have in our kitchen.

I thought I might share with you a few of my favorite foodie things in hopes that, if you are still wondering, I can help you find that perfect gift for that special foodie in your life.

#1 - This was my gift several years ago and is still one of my favorite gifts of all time. To be honest I used to just stare at it and smile. I don't know what I ever did without it!

#2 - This is another gift that I really couldn't live without. I love the fact that I don't have to use a blender to puree my soups anymore. Plus it is great to use when you whip up sauces or salad dressings.

#3 - My chefs knife is something I use on a daily basis. Having gone through several (and I mean several) I found this knife and have never looked back. 

#4 - My cutting board. I love the fact that is it large. I love the doubled sided feature as well. Flat on one side with a grooved pour spout on the other. 

#5 - My Le Creuset Dutch Oven. Oh my gosh, if this pot could talk it would complain about how much I use it. I make just about everything in it. Soups, stews, chicken, beef. It is perfect!

#6 - My food processor. I have had several food processors over the past few years only to have pieces and parts break. Then it is such a pain in the rear to get new parts. So you just break down and buy another one. Then I found my Cuisinart. Wow what a difference! I have had this food processor for years with no problems. I chop, shred, make dough, it does it all.

#7 - I am a coffee fanatic, so you know I have to have a good coffee maker. When I found this one it was love at first use. Grind and brew all in one plus a thermal pot so your coffee stays warm even if you take the pot outside while you sip coffee on your patio.

#8 - My electric wine bottle opener. Love it!! Being the wino wine lover that I am, this is a fantastic gift. 

#9 - This is something I don't have yet but want sooooo badly (hint hint honey). I had a counter top rotisserie many years ago. The company no longer makes them, so I found this one and fell in love. I loved using it for roasts, chickens, etc.


#10 - Last but not least, my Le Creuset Griddle. You really can't go wrong with cast iron. I firmly believe there are several things that just need to be cooked in cast iron. It was a toss up as to which I was going to post here, my cast iron skillet or griddle. I opted to go with the griddle, but you could always be extra nice and buy them both!! 

Well, there you have it. The top 10 of my favorite foodie gadgets and gizmos. I know how happy they make me, I can only imagine how happy they would make the foodie in your life!

Happy Valentines Day!

Links above are for products on Amazon. They will still guarantee shipping by Valentines Day.

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