Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros - A classic Mexican breakfast dish made healthier with fresh cooked salsa and black beans.

Huevos Rancheros from

This week Sunday Supper and American Family Insurance are teaming up to get everyone excited about growing their own herbs and vegetables, and eating healthier. This, since I have lost over 160 pounds, is something very near and dear to my heart.

Rosemary and Lemon Chicken Thighs with Asparagus for an AmFam #ChooseDreams #SundaySupper

This week Sunday Supper and American Family Insurance are teaming up to encourage everyone to get out their gardening gloves and hand shovels, and get excited about growing their own herbs and vegetables, and eating healthier.

4 years ago I started doing just that. I became a food blogger. I wanted to write recipes and have people enjoy them in their own kitchens. I wanted people to take inspiration from my journey through obesity and get into the kitchen to discover new ways to make old favorites that their family would not only eat, but love.

I wanted to show people someone that used to run away from vegetables and who, if did eat them, got them from a can, getting into a garden and growing fresh veggies and herbs. The difference is amazing!

A Few of My Favorite Things 5/24/14

Happy almost Memorial Day everyone? Are you getting ready to fire up the grill?

With Kevin's funky schedule now we have a hard time planning or going to parties. Night shift kinda blows. Plus our lovely weather has given way to rainy days again, so grilling will have to be an indoor sport this coming week.

Spinach and Strawberry Salad with Blackberry Balsamic Vinaigrette

Spinach and Strawberry Salad with Blackberry Balsamic Vinaigrette - Sweet strawberries, tangy goat cheese, toasted walnuts, and a kiss of onion flavor, make this spinach salad a true winner! 

Spinach and Strawberry Salad with Blackberry Balsamic Vinaigrette from

I have been chomping at the bit to make a salad like this ever since my chives started blooming. 

I mean look at those gorgeous little puffs of purple? So cute, and sooooo tasty!

I am not the only one that thinks so either. You should have seen the battle of wills that went on between myself and a pesky bee that was hanging around. 

He realllllllly didn't want to share those blossoms with me. No way, no how!! He dive bombed me a few times trying to chase me away. RUDE!! I didn't take them all. Sheesh!

Deluxe Patty Melts

I have been watching old 80's movies all day today. Complete flashbacks! Big hair, neon clothes, rubber bracelets, Molly Ringwald, aaahhhh the good old days.

Have you ever done a "theme" day? One where you watch movies, listen to music, eat food, all from the same "theme"?

Maybe it is just me? I know Kevin made himself scarce today!

Anyway, for some reason I have become a bit fixated on old diner food lately. I have no idea why, but I have been craving it like crazy!

Dutch Baby Pancake #SundayBrunch

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day in Western Washington. I mean the kind of day that makes you want to run outside as soon as you get up! I grabbed some coffee and immediately knew that I wanted to make a nice breakfast that we could enjoy out on the patio.

As I ran through ideas in my head I thought about making my Oven Baked Dutch Apple Pancake. We both love that recipe and it is one that shows up on our Sunday brunch menu quite often.

Then I remembered that I had some leftover berry compote in the fridge from the Brown Sugar Waffles with Warm Berry Compote and Maple Whipped Cream I had made last week, and the light bulb went off in my head! Why not combine the two recipes to make one fantabulous one?

A Few of My Favorite Things 5/17/14

Happy Saturday my friends! I hope all of the Moms out there had a wonderful Mother's Day. Mine was quiet. Kevin brought me home some gorgeous roses, a card, and a bottle of my favorite red wine. Then he made me breakfast before he had to hit the sack (working nights is a pain).

I was pretty resigned to the rest of the day being just me and my pup when my daughter and her girlfriend showed up to surprise me. It worked! I was so surprised, and very happy.

The weather was gorgeous, so we sat on the back deck and chatted. Nice to just hang with the girls for a while.

How to Make Perfectly Caramelized Onions

Ooohh my darlings! Today I am talking to you about one of my favvvvvvvvorite things to make. Not only does it make the house smell AH-MAZE-ING, it is something that goes with just about any dish you make. Yes my friends, today I am preaching the wonders of the caramelized onion.

Can I get an amen?

Have a burger you want spruced up? Slap some caramelized onion on it. 

Boring sandwich? Caramelized onions to the rescue!

Wimpy wrap? OK, you get the idea right?

Deluxe Sandwich and Burger Sauce

With the weather taking a turn for the amazing here in Western Washington, my mind and taste buds have been focused on doing whatever I can do to spend as much time possible outside. That of course takes me right to the grill. I mean who wants to cook inside when it is 80 degrees and all sorts of gorgeous outside?

When we last left off at the grill I was having tons of fun coming up with new burgers packed with lots of "shtuff" as my daughter would say.

Saucy Mama Recipe Contest Entry - Jerk Burgers with Spicy Tropical Slaw

I was so incredibly honored to be chosen as one of 25 bloggers to compete in the Saucy Mama's 2014 Recipe Contest. The winner of this contest wins $1,000, a golden ticket to represent Saucy Mama in The World Food Championships in Las Vegas in November, and a $1,000 travel stipend. Not to mention the fact that I was over the moon excited to get my hands on the 6 sauces that I was being provided with to create my recipe.

I seriously stalked my mailman!

A Few of My Favorite Things 5/10/14

We have been dealing with some crazy weather here in Western Washington this week. 80+ degrees to 60 in a 24 hour period. Sunshine, rain, hail, and back to sunshine, all in the course of one hour! Can I tell you that weather like that is hard on a food blogger? I have been trying to get some dishes done bright and early so I can take photos outside, but have been watching the sun come and go wondering if there is some hidden weather wheel that little gremlins are spinning to drive me crazy. The sun's's's's gone *insert colorful language here*

Brown Sugar Waffles with Warm Berry Compote and Maple Whipped Cream

I am trying to be tough.

I really am.

But I am the first to admit that I am a big baby at times. Especially when it comes to my kids.

This year is the first year that I am not doing anything with either of my children for Mother's Day *sniffle*

Quick and Easy Asian Marinade and Stir Fry Sauce

I have a dream.

It is a small one really. Or rather it would seem like a small one for most people. But I am not, like most people (DUH right?).

I would just about give my first born (if you are reading this Seth I said just about) to be organized. It seriously is a goal I have had for years.

I like to joke that I need an OCD person to live with me so my ADD is balanced out!

Make Ahead Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole

Make Ahead Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole - Super easy and perfect for Easter, Christmas, or anytime you want to serve a fabulous breakfast to your family.

Make Ahead Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole from

Aaahhhh make ahead breakfast casseroles, my new best friend!

Hey, they're not just for Christmas anymore guys! Or maybe that was just me. For some reason the only time I whipped out these tasty casseroles was over Christmas/New Year. I have no idea why.

Possibly it is because that is when I was so busy shopping, wrapping, shuttling kids around, partying, and so many other things, breakfast was something I didn't want to think about. I just wanted to be able to heat and serve.

So I seriously have not made one of these casseroles in years!

A Few of My Favorite Things 5/3/14

Happy Saturday my foodie friends! 

I hope that your week was a good one. Mine was fabulous! 

Although I am still trying to adjust to my guy working nights, the weather has taken a turn for the wonderful here in Western Washington and I was able to get the tomatoes planted in my garden.

I also have some rosemary and chives planted, as well as shallots, onions, and celery that I am "regrowing". It is kind of a fun experiment and I will let you know how it goes.

Anyway, let's get on to the reason you are here. My "finds" for the week. I hope you enjoy them!


If you would have told me a few years ago that Ceviche would end up being one of my kids' (especially my daughter AKA Miss Picky Pants) favorite Mexican dishes that I make I would have laughed so hard adult diapers might be a necessity!

I fell in love with it in 2005.

I took a trip to Puerto Vallarta Mexico and found some of the most wonderful food I have ever had. Shrimp so big they could be a meal in themselves, fresh fish, street tacos with amazing salsas. All of it was wonderful! It was just the beginning of my "foodie journey" and I was determined to try everything I could get my lips on.