A Few of My Favorite Things 5/10/14

We have been dealing with some crazy weather here in Western Washington this week. 80+ degrees to 60 in a 24 hour period. Sunshine, rain, hail, and back to sunshine, all in the course of one hour! Can I tell you that weather like that is hard on a food blogger? I have been trying to get some dishes done bright and early so I can take photos outside, but have been watching the sun come and go wondering if there is some hidden weather wheel that little gremlins are spinning to drive me crazy. The sun's out...it's gone....it's out...it's gone *insert colorful language here*

It is no wonder that I have ended up sick to finish the week off. 

Ya, fun stuff, sore throat, and a wicked headache. Appetite? Haha you are kidding right?

Top that off with a couple recipe fails and well you can say that I am happy to see this week is coming to a close. Let's start next week all bright and shiny shall we?

One good thing about being under the weather? More time for me to cruise around the interwebs to find cool new things!! So let's see what I found OK?

My Favorite E-Book
Practical Ways to Simplify Your Life by Susan Stoval. Available on Amazon for Kindle, this book is only $.99! I swear that she wrote this book about my life. Dealing with stress, anxiety, and a diagnosis of cancer, Susan set's out to simply her life. We all know I am not organized, so her tips are a Godsend to me!!

My Favorite App/Website
ChefTap. There's no shortage of mobile apps that allow you to look up recipes, bookmark them, and share them with your friends, but ChefTap also imports recipes from other web sites and food blogs, and walks you through their recipes, step by step, as you cook them

Dulce de Leche Brownies
Plus a little libation - Melon Sangria

My Favorite Crafts/DIY
Mason Jar Light Fixture
DIY Throw Pillow Projects

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Moms out there, talk to you soon!

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