My Day on Instagram with BonBonBreak #BonBonBreakBTS

This month BonBon Break has been handing over the reigns of their Instagram account to their contributors so you can get an inside look into their lives.

Wednesday was my day and, as you can see above, I chose to spend it with my son and his girlfriend. My kids are seriously my life, so what would be more appropriate? There was no question in my mind.

The question that I did have however was, where to spend it? What part of "me" did I want to share with you. Well, I am a mom, a food blogger, and a happy Washingtonian. Where would I be able to bring all three of those things together to share them in photos for everyone to see?


It is so iconic to the area. If you see Seattle on tv or in a movie they always show the Space Needle, or Pike's Place. But Pike's Place has a world of things that make a foodie like me verrrrrrrrry happy, so Pike's Place it was! I mean, look at all of this amazing produce!!

Just looking down the isle of brightly colored fresh fruits and veggies brought a smile to my face, and tons of ideas to my mind. The kids were happy because they knew the more I bought, the bigger the meals I would invite them over for would be. Yes, they are very spoiled!

Produce, and spices,

and fish....OH MY!!

As you can see we had a wonderful time, and I hope that everyone enjoyed the little peek into my corner of the world.

Now make sure to head on over to BonBon Break and follow them on Instagram, as well as all of the other contributors, so you don't miss out on any of the fun!!

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