These Are a Few of My Favorite Things 7/12/14

Well, it has been 2 weeks since the last TAAFOMFT post. Did ya miss me? Please say yes, you don't want to add to my therapy bill do you?

Just kidding, I don't see a therapist......often.

So, I don't know about you, but our weather here in the PNW has been OhhEmmGeeeee frickin' amazing!! I am serious, it has been hard to stay indoors. My desk is right by a huge picture window and my eyes keep wandering to the sunshine and beautiful green right outside of it. I have been fighting it hard people! 

2 cups of blah blah, 1/4 cup blah blah, 2 tablespoons.......oh lookie a butterfly!! 

Ya, that is pretty much how my days are going right now.

I was, however, able to sit still long enough to put together this post for you so you can see the goodies I found while I was able to sit still for more than 15 minutes.

Favorite App

Chefs Feed - This one is pretty cool! It's one thing to get food recommendations from your friends, but any foodie knows that it's the chefs who have the best insider secrets on where to eat and why. This awesome app pulls together recommendations from more than 500 chefs (many of them high profile) on some of the best spots to satisfy your appetite. Search for food, proximity, neighborhood, type of cuisine and more. Free for iOS.

My Favorite Food/Drink
"Brookies" - Mel's Kitchen Cafe
Cucumber-Watercress Soup "Gazpacho Style" - The Wimpy Vegetarian
Skinny Watermelon Mojito - Peanut Butter and Peppers

My Favorite Craft/DIY
10 DIY Stencil Projects - The DIY Village
DIY Bleach Spray Shirt - Practically Functional
Watermark Tee {Elmers Glue Tie Dye} - U Create

My Favorite Fashion

My Favorite Giggle

OK my fabulous foodie friends, I have sat still for as long as I can. I am out to play in the sunshine!! See you tomorrow for some awesome grilled foods for the Gallo Sunday Supper!!