These Are a Few of My Favorite Things 7/19/14

This week has seemed so hectic. No reason really. It was kind of the same old same old. Maybe it was because Kevin had to work 9 days in a row, so we cram packed a lot of fun into this past weekend. Plus I spent a whole day cooking up some yummy treats for you all. 9 recipes in one day *whew* my back was killing me! I am not as young as I think I am.

Even with everything that has been going on, I was able to get my little fingers typing and cruised through the ol' interwebs to find some great stuff for you all. I love being able to tell Kevin that I am "working" when he peeps over my should and finds me on Pinterest. He just gives me the look like "ya OK" but leaves me be.

On the home front news, I finally found out what was munching on my pepper plants. I was moving them and found a big fat ugly SLUG! *shudder* Those things seriously creep me out, and here in the PNW they grow like someone fed them steroids. UGH!! But between moving my pots to the top of a table (where the slugs can't get...I think), I took some advice from some of my green thumbed readers and sprinkled Epsom salt and crushed up egg shells around the bottom of the plants. So far so good, so cross your fingers for me. I am going to have to get the pest situation handled quickly next year because I am going to move from container gardening to raised beds. I may build a greenhouse for my pepper plants. It just depends on how adventurous I am feeling (and how much it will cost).

Do you have any gardening tips and tricks you can share with me? What vegetables are your favorite to grow?

OK, on with the show, here are the goodies I found for you this week!

My Favorite App
Ness - Not sure where to get the best slice of pizza in a new neighborhood? Looking for the best tacos in your own neighborhood? Ness will help you find what you're looking for (even if you're not quite sure what you want). The foodie-focused app gives you personalized recommendations for whatever you're looking to eat or drink wherever you happen to be. Free for iOS.

My Favorite Food/Drink
Chocolate Banana Ice Cream - Cravings of a Lunatic
Hatch Chile Cheeseburgers - The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen
Buffalo and Blue Cheese Chicken Salad - Cupcakes & Kale Chips
Japanese Noodle Salad - Noshing with the Nolands

My Favorite Craft/DIY
25 Homemade Body Scrubs - All Cheap Crafts
DIY Homemade Chipotle Ketchup - Cooking in Stilettos 
DIY Bleach Spray Shirt - Practically Functional 

My Favorite Fashion

My Favorite Giggle

Well that is all for this week gang! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Is there something else that you would like to see?

Let's stay connected!

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