These Are a Few of My Favorite Things 8/23/14

I have been so excited this week. The weather is still pretty nice here in Western Washington, and my tomatoes are growing like crazy! Last year I did OK, but they didn't produce a lot of tomatoes and the size wasn't the greatest. This year? TONS of tomatoes, and I even have some green tomatoes that are big enough for me to finally try my hand at making fried green tomatoes. Last year I was lucky if they were much bigger than golf balls. This year they are more like tennis balls, so I think these will work well. Do you have any tried and true recipes for fried green tomatoes? I would sure love it if you would leave me a link in the comments!

My birthday celebration kind of slopped over into this week too. My son and his girlfriend took me out to dinner Wednesday night. Her birthday was on Tuesday and they only have Tuesdays and Wednesday off together, so it was our chance to all be together. They know I love Mexican food so they took me to a local Mexican restaurant. It isn't the best Mexican food on the planet, but the company more than made up for it. A couple of Coronas, a shot of tequila, and some tacos with them made for the perfect evening. I really enjoy it when I can spend time with my kids.

So the summer is winding down my friends. I am so torn. I cherish the summers here because they are so short, and so absolutely beautiful. But one of the things I did love about moving to the Pacific Northwest from San Diego was that there was plenty of soup weather. When I think of soups, stews, chowders, and chili I think of chilly overcast days. That is when a nice hot bowl just warms your soul and that makes me incredibly happy. So even though I hate seeing summer go, I do look forward to my soup pot and slow cooker making an appearance in my kitchen again. How about you? Are you looking forward to the coming fall?

OK, enough about me, let's get on with the show here!

My Favorite App
Pocket (for android) lets you save webpages for offline reading. It's super-easy to use, installing a shortcut into your mobile browser so you can send articles over to it with a click; extensions for desktop browsers are also available, so if something catches your eye at work you can whisk it over to the app for reading at a later time. Once in the app you can easily share articles with other people or to social media and it'll even strip out ads from the articles if you want it to.

My Favorite Food/Drinks
Maple Bacon Bourbon Brown Sugar Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches from The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen
Sweet Corn and Zucchini Pie from Pinch of Yum
Homemade Gnocchi from Will Cook for Smiles
Peach Dumplings from Seduction in the Kitchen
Bourbon Bacon Jam from Cravings of a Lunatic

My Favorite Craft/DIY
DIY Cookie Sheet Chore Charts from Craftaholics Anonymous
DIY Magnetic Framed Chalkboard from Pink When
DIY Apple Jar Tutorial from The 36th Adventure 

My Favorite Gardening/Backyard Ideas
10 Creative Bird Feeders from The Garden Glove
What to Play When Chart from Saving Dollars & Sense

My Favorite Fashion

Cozy Neutrals


Fun Casual with Animal Print

My Favorite Giggle

(We watch a LOT of Alaska shows)

So that is it for this week my friends. I hope you found something that tickled your fancy!
Foodie <3


  1. What an exquisite grown-up dessert! Looks so elegant

  2. Oh my goodness.... I am so trying this asap! Just fantastic Bobbi!!

  3. I almost made a Riesling Ice cream too, Bobbi! This looks so good; now I know I have to do it! I think it'd be awesome with a Riesling-Peach swirl, too. Mmmmm....

  4. What a wonderful way to use the Riesling!!!! Absolutely perfect, and such an easy way to make ice cream!!

  5. Now wine sorbet I've heard of, but never wine ice cream. This sounds amazing!

  6. Just went I think I've seen everything, you roll into #SundaySupper this week with a wine ice cream, Bobbi!

  7. Thanks so much Susan. It is super easy! I Will be making this one over and over again for sure!