Help Me Make Bobbi's Kozy Kitchen Better For YOU!

This is my first annual Readers Survey. Yay!! You get to tell me what I can do to make Bobbi's Kozy Kitchen better for you! 

Are you a frazzled Mom trying to balance work, kids, activities, meals, and a social life? Or are you looking for ways to save a buck when it comes to feeding your family? How about someone that wants to eat healthier, but just aren't sure how to do it? Well, fret not my friends, I am here to help out! WOW that just totally made it sound like I am a super hero or something. Here I come to save the dayyyyyyy. OK, so I am not Underdog, or Batman, but I do want to help you.

Seriously though, I have been blogging for 4 years now. Many of you have been with me through this whole journey (and hellooooo I love you!!). I have been searching, and trying new things, ever hopeful that I will find that perfect combo that makes my readers happy. 

Then it struck me.

Uuummm Bobbi? Don't you think that instead of hoping and guessing you could just ask?

Ya, so sometimes I like to do things the hard way OK? Like maybe I wanted to add mind reader to my list of accomplishments? No, it isn't anything cool like that. I just honestly never thought to set up a survey and really ask what I can do to make Bobbi's Kozy Kitchen better for you.

Sooooo I need your help my foodie peoples. Jump over to this survey and gimme the 411 on what you would like from me? I will be ever so thankful!!


  1. I have been a regular follower of your blog. And to be frank I love this kitchen. Find it perfect the way it is. :D

    1. Aawww you are awesome Minnie! I am just trying to learn a bit more about you all. Especially people like you that have been with me from just about the start! You are not just my readers, you are my family :)