Spaghetti Squash Lasagna

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna - Get all of those great lasagna flavors with none of the guilt.

This Spaghetti Squash Lasagna gives you all of those great lasagna flavors with none of the guilt. From

Happy Tuesday y'all! 

Reuben Mac and Cheese

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Reuben Mac and CheeseCreamy Mac and Cheese meets a Reuben and has the most delicious baby ever!

Reuben Mac and Cheese. Salty corned beef, creamy cheese sauce, and tangy sauerkraut make this mac and cheese insanely good and perfect for St Patrick's Day. From

One of the things that I love so much about food is that certain dishes can evoke memories that we might not otherwise think about.

The smell of fresh baked bread takes me right back to my Grandmother's kitchen. I am probably 8 years old, and it is Christmas time. I can vividly remember the brown and orange tile (woohooo 70's), the oven mitts that hung from a hook on the wall, and those big ol’ bar stools that I was so determined to climb alone. It is like I am right there and I could reach out and touch my Grandma's apron!

Tater Tot Cheeseburger Cups

Change up your burger game with these fun, kid friendly, tater tot cheeseburger cups. From
Tater Tot Cheeseburger Cups - Change up your burger game with these fun, kid friendly, cheeseburger cups.

Change up your burger game with these fun, kid friendly, Tater Tot Cheeseburger Cups. From

Happy Thursday y'all! I am in such a good mood  Why you ask? 

Well, I am smack in the middle of G-baby days. We have our granddaughter on Wednesdays and Fridays, and look forward to it every week. She is 20 months old now, and quite the big girl. She uses her please and thank yous, she loves to help clean up, and reallllly loves to be in the kitchen with Nana. Which of course tickles me pink because it is giving me opportunities to start working on more kid friendly recipes like these Tater Tot Cheeseburger Cups. 

She loved helping me put the tater tots in the muffin tin, she loved helping smoosh them into the cup shape, and she really loved chowing down on them when they were done!

Creamy Asparagus and White Bean Soup

Lately I have been doing a lot, and I mean a LOT of binge watching. I have worked my way through House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Spartacus, The Walking Dead (for the 4th time), Vikings, and every episode (and that is 11 seasons gang) of Criminal Minds. I am even watching all of the True Blood episodes again. 

Please tell me that you do this too? Or am I just that crazy TV lady? I swear I have a life, really I do! But, with Kevin working nights this past week, my hot dates usually consist of the dogs, my comfy PJs, wine, and Netflix. Although this soup has been on the top of that list lately!

40 Sweet Treats that will Make Your Valentine Smile

40 Sweet treats that will make your Valentine smile from

Can you believe that it is already February?? I know I say time flies a lot, but dayum! 

Pizza Party Mix

Pizza Party Mix - between the crunchy cereal square, salty pretzels, and crispy little mini pepperoni, this snack mix is a guaranteed touchdown every time from

I am soo looking forward to this weekend. The BIG game, the Super Bowl,  yes yes yes!!

OK, yes, I am a bit of a football nut, but I just can't help it. Football  and NASCAR  , that is my thang. Other than that, I could take or leave sports. 

Baseball? Yawn.
Basketball? Boring.
Hockey? I just don't get it.

Don't even get me going on tennis and golf! Kevin likes to watch them, I would rather watch paint dry!